Monday, September 27, 2010

manion's cyclocross race...

well, wasn't planning on racing since the stiches were still in, but I got out there and saw the course and was the first single speed to register...little did I know that nasty climb would get realy nasty.

So I chilled in Lawrence Friday evening and Saturday before coming home saturday night with some groceries and other fine fresh produce!! whooot whoooott out to the "madam and sir". mmmmmmmm pineapples and cherries ;)

Sunday I arose quite early (5am) to ride out to KCK for our team's cx race. I underestimated how hilly the route was, how long it would take, and how much riding a fixie for that long sucks. I can see lots of 60+ mile gravel fixie rides in my suffering is needed!!! :)

So I get to manions at the crack of dawn, literally, see the course and register. Set up tape and other course materials and we're ready to rock and roll...helped with registration for like 30 min while jimmy jam (james) was raging in the 57 man cat 4 race with a bunch of our team guys. My race was at 1 so I was chillin.

Single speed class was stacked again...fink, hedjuk, tilford, walberg...goddamn fast old men!!! Tilford, Kris (Steve's brother) killed his chain killing it up the climb so I got to hang on for 5th, after getting the hole shot and leading the race for 1.5 laps before getting caught on the hill and dropped like a cashed cigarette. It was brutal climbing that shit on a 34-17...I couldn't imagine doing it on a stiffer ratio.

The run-up and climb really sucked.

big shout out to the team for coming together and getting er done this weekend...we kick ass. slap hands.

Thanks to Jon P and Jake for the pics.

boss cross next weekend...probably race one day, watch the other...may sit the whole weekend out though and just do some long training via riding to/from the cx races, cash is getting tight...who knows?

peace and riding!!!

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