Monday, September 13, 2010


Went back to lawrence this weekend...spent more time there than I was planning, got zero homework done, drank free state beer, rode home trail. it was good.

did 2 very fast laps at the river trails saturday, followed up by some white-blue-skills park loving at clinton sunday. river is super burmed out and a couple new jumps are in.

clinton needs some major loving sustainability wise, but everything was dry so it was ripping fun anyway. The skills park was definitely fun, getting to do just a few small drops and dirt jumps at the end of a good technical ride was very very fun. get out before it gets wet again.

I highly recommend making a long day trip of it...clinton in the morning, free state brewery for lunch then a lap or two at the river before going home..doesn't get much better than that :) (well it does but you know what I mean...)

Probably ride tomorrow a little and short track thursday before racing all weekend at the KC Cup. Cross race I think I've settled on the SS class so I can heckle the 1/2/3 guys and still haven't decided what class to do sunday...marathon, 19-29 sport, or straight up singlespeed again...probably depends on how the legs feel and how much beer i consume during/after cross saturday.

then sept 26 is colavita's cross race. we're gonna have the best one all year, guarenteed, or at least another race will not be better than ours. it's on a farm and goes through a barn, free food and beer. pasta, olive oil, and coffee. I'd say our sponsors kick ass.

hopefully the new pake cross bike will be here by midweek so I can build it before saturday..otherwise I'll be on a borrowed masi...thinking about running fixed, maybe not this first race though, but definitely a few times upcoming this cx season...

peace and riding!!!

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