Wednesday, September 1, 2010

looking ahead...

not often I get 2 posts up in a week...especailly during school. but I figured I'd do a little writing since I'm on a little class break.

Looking back, I accomplished my two big goals for the MTB season...riding well at Rapture in Misery (3rd place) and winning Cruise the Blues with my brother. I had made these 2 goals last september after the KC Cup and I am happy to say accomplished them.

Of course I must attribute a lot of this to losing 31 lbs so far this year. In March I weighed 195 and was quite blubbery. This weekend I was 164. I feel lots better, look lots better and generally am probably better off for it. Last winter was really bad when I look back...not much riding, lots of available food, and generally lot of laying around the house and being lazy. I could blame people who were living with me at the time, but the more I reflect it was my personal choices that led to the ridiculous weight gain (this was not the first time I had realized this as well...I hit 204 after reconstructive knee sugery my senior year of high school) So here's a little preaching...

Take responsiblity for yourself and your actions. If you don't like something, work to change it. If you don't succeed at first, work harder and/or try again! Get involved with things you are passionate about and love to do.

I make much better food decisions (its amazing what cutting out just a little beer and ice cream will do along with having a fresh instead of processed foods). I commute everyday again (maybe because I no longer have a gf who has a car). Keeping lbs off is pretty easy when I'm riding 10+ miles a day just to get around. I have gotten highly involved in trail building at swope, because I like to do it number one and number two, I want more trail to ride. I also feel like I can pop off 40-50 miles+ a day and be good to go again the next day. My fitness is good and my emotions are in check. Overall life is good right now :)

KC Cup is in a few weeks. Cross season! and the last local MTB race. I put in my upgrade today for cross so hopefully I'll be a three next week :) Looking forward to local cross season...can you say trombones and cowbells?

Thinking about the berryman epic...will probably make my final decision this weekend...your thoughts are appreciated.

And Really want to make slaughter pen jam. 5 races over 3 days in Bentonville, first weekend of November. anyone want to go???

Next big goal: The Trans-sylvania Mountain Bike Epic Stage Race.

peace and riding!!!

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