Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Manion's CX Wrap-up, Happy Holidays, and future...

howdy folks! long time no blog, so let's get to it.

I have only raced once since the boss cx 3 in october and that was this past weekend at Manion's, which also was Team Colavita/Parisi Coffee's second hosting gig. I think we do damn well, but I may be biased.

I did terrible, 9 of 12, came in right behind a 39 yeur old lady...obviously I haven't been able to be on the bike as much as early in the's amazing how huge projects and cold weather will kill your riding and motivation, respectively.

Have some pics:

A good time was had by all.

My baby: "the stitches"

Roger got smart and I can't upload his photos anymore :/ So enjoy Maccu Piccu!


future plans:
near future, lots of research, paper writing and powerpoint making.
kind of near future, MTB-KC winter wander and halcyon holiday
little bit longer, grad school application to new mexico
little bit longer now, new mtb season
may, graduate.
mid-may, figure out life after undergrad.

Next race I will be at is Boss CX 4...not sure if I'll have cash enough to race but i'll be there nonetheless. Week after that is winter wander, then another week is halcyon holiday...get ready for gravel bitches!!!!!!

peace and riding!!!!

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