Saturday, November 13, 2010

trails kc

so i've been reading the 134 page trails kc report:

I'm in this environmental planning class that's fun but pretty intense work-load wise. We're doing final analysis and "big idea" designs for the Green Impact Zone of Missouri. My focus is on environmental justice and public health. Of course, I am looking at trails within the zone (non-existant pretty much). Fun stuff, I hope I can get a job doing this crap some day...reading trail data then making decisions about them and recommendations for/against, I could do that all day every day, especially getting a pay check.

I'm also proposing 10 community gardens within a 150 square city block area and a health care facility within the zone.

so that's a little personal information...applying to grad school at new mexico very soon for MCRP (masters in community and regional planning), environmental/natural resource planning concentration...then perhaps more grad school for masters of public health, maybe even KU! ...i'll be in school/debt forever!!!

gravel around l-town in a couple hours, destad cup cross tomorrow. home is awesome.

peace and riding!!!

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