Monday, February 28, 2011

austin, tx

Here (click me)

and here (click me too)

and here (click me please)

not much to say, well actually a lot, but I don't want to type that long...catch up with me in person for more details...especially about trails.

But anyway...Austin, TX is a sweet ass city, with BEAUTIFUL WOWOWOWOWooooo. trails are fucking badass of the greenbelt make swope and landahl look like river trail.

I really need a camera...this (click me) helps, but doesn't do it at all justice.

so ya...I've already decided that if I don't get into grad school in Albuquerque that I'm moving to ATX...too sweet not to live there for at least a few years.

Wolf heads and tacos, beautiful women and gnar trails...that sums up this trip pretty well.

peace and riding!!!

ps--the new carbon 29r single speed, FUCKING ROCKS!!!!!!!

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