Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I have some really good friends. Like amazing. So I am going to start profiling them this month in hopes that you can meet them and enjoy their company as much as I do. For those that don't know, I don't have much real family around, so friends play a huge role in my life. They keep me sane basically. Probably the best part about all my buds (at least from my POV) is that we all try to hook each other up as much as possible, in whatever we need or are going to do. Today will be some fellows that pretty much made my austin trip happen:

Sean Burns aka Single Speed Pirate

So this dude has been hooking it up ever since we first met when i dropped off a 13" crap tv for his kitchen a few years back when i first moved into KC and started getting into the Earthriders. From chubby wheelsets to chris king headsets to backyard trail to smp rouge action to TACOS (only thing the Burns' family eats :) ) to shuttle rides for trails at BuRP and Lawrence, urban assult rides, borrowing tools, parts, etc. Good story to sum up Sean...last wednesday the day before I went to Austin, we got word that the lawrence river trail was rideable. He drove from shawnee (between k-7 and I-435 along SM Parkway) to midtown to pick me up, drove to Lawrence, bought beer for post-ride, ripped a lap at lrt (where I unfortuately burned out my front wheel bearings after 3/4 of a lap), then took me over to sunflower to see if they had bearings, they didn't so he called bike source...same deal, no dice. He drove us back to his house in shawnee to give me HIS front 29r wheel so I have something to take to Austin with me and ride, we rip his backyard trail, then he drives me home to midtown. This guy is also a father of 2 young boys, a husband, and an architect. It amazes me how he can juggle all that and still never once be a dick. Sean has never been anything but nice as hell to me ever since I've me him and it means a lot. Thanks brother!!!

The next two fellas are ER trail builder extraordinares. Todd Posson and Ron Acklin. They are literally the reason I got to go to austin. Both of these fellas let me ride down with them, bike and all, FOR FREE. Not much really to say about that other than THANK YOU GUYS!!! Unfortuately I missed them the entire time I was down there too, between torn contacts and me not getting to go to the North American Handmade Bike Show and bar hopping the same places but mising each other my probably minutes. We even ate at the same taco stand by the same bar we were all at but not at the same time...weird how life works sometimes. These two fellas also know a thing or three about building kickass trail, riding some sick mtb and throwing back a few beers :).

So ya, these are just 3 guys that affect my life in a hugely positive way. More people are on the way...it's like oprah! /pathetic

peace and riding!!!

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