Monday, March 14, 2011

weekend dirty

i love swope.

and it's not just because i build there, or that it's my home trail and I ride it more than anything else.

It's because that place is sick...those trails are new bike is BEYOND sick. I really think that when they're dry, the swope trails are top 10 in the entire world. and I am dead serious. The only problem is that we live in KC, where its 70* one day and snowing 18 hours later, all affecting clay-based soil. There is a plan though and here's a little scoop (I don't know TOO much, but enough to tease your ass :)

There are plans to make a 5ish mile loop at swope that would be rideable all year round, no matter the weather...rains 3" that morning? no problem, we're riding that afternoon. raining during short track race time? don't fret, we're going how will this be accomplished you may ask? By the magic hermits of swope that roam around there.

so this weekend was dedicated to dirtiness. saturday morning was trail work with some fellas, hammering out more of phase 4...come on out weekend mornings and find me, and help me build more trail to ride. that afternoon was a trip across the stupid sprawl that is KC to bike source where I got my chub hub fixed up on the front wheel finally. Only shop in town that had the right sized bearing press. Thanks craig and nick for the hook-up.

Sunday I woke up stupidly early (at least it felt like it with the time-change) to head back to swope for some more dirty work...2 hours of that and I was ready to ride, and ride I did, a solid 4 hours before my ride home showed up, without his back wheel :/ The new carbon jamis killed some trail...28 psi up front, 30 in the rear on tubeless stans arches...mmmmmmmm buddy. I could really hammer it hard up hill and on smoother terrain. That carbon sure is stiff through some technical sections though! I was bouncing a few times pretty good, but suprisingly my back actually felt better after riding that long. I am believer in the dampening of carbon, I rode the gnarliest of swope a few times yesterday and took it all like a champ. Love the bike, love the trails.

peace and riding!!!

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