Sunday, March 27, 2011

Issaqueena Forest in pictures and captions.

Rode for 5:45 today and did a lot of climbing. Amazing what even small mountain 10-15 minute climbs feel like compared to the 2 minute climbs of KC. Lots of granny gear today, but lots of big ring too :) I'm betting I rode close to 60 miles total, probably 70% single track, 15% forest/logging roads, 7.5% gravel, and 7.5% pavement. I had to have 2500+ foot of climbing too just looking at a topo map of the trails and what I rode. Today is one of those days I wish I would have had a garmin, and I hardly ever want one, but the mileage and elevation data would have been nice for this one. Absolutely amazing trail system. The last map I posted was from 2007 and they have added quite a bit out there, or didn't do a very good job getting everything marked :) I bet there's 50+ miles of single track out there, I was lost as hell. Well enough of this, I have 33 pictures to commentate on.

Stated out in Clemson, riding toward on Lawrence Bridge Road. This was on Lawrence Bridge right before you cross into the forest.

As you enter the forest. These share the road signs are everywhere. Bike lanes on some state highways.

entering into the forest...

I went straight to the downhill course today, and this was the last drop of the run. Gnarly!

Different shot of the same drop. There's some pretty good rock and root gnar right before you cook into it.

Start of a climb called THE GRINDER...330 foot elevation gain in a 2 mile climb. Wraps around to the downhill trail, dual slalom course, dirt jumps, etc.

Halfway up the grinder climb...rehabed Pine forest.

This picture is definitely worth 1000 words. It was badass hitting this at 75% speed (I'm on a rental hardtail 29r and the next pic explains more.)

Road gap kicker coming out of the huge wall ride.

Berms galore...the first half of the run is just huge berms pretty much :)

Table tops boarded out then dropping into berms...3 of them at the top of the run.

Table into S-curve burm into wall ride into road gap...I needed a full suspension :)

A look at the table top construction...pretty cool.

Only took one photo of the dirt jumps...the main line, cause it was sick. Didn;t take any of the dual slalom course, I just ripped it once and granny geared back up it for another downhill run.

Creek crossing getting ready for a fire road climb.

forest gravel...pine trees and red dirt :)

Ripping ridge line single track.

Pretty gnarly line by the lake.

Riding through some areas was like a tunnel...more on this...

Getting tighter...

going up...

needle cover...

opening up along a ridge...

single track by a creek...

Cool little constructed drainage crossing...

Trail side waterfall...quite a few of them throughout the system.

Crib wall reclaimed by nature :)

Logging road.

Logging destruction.

Triple waterfall trailside.

Sink hole right next to trail...

Getting thick, dark and chilly...

At 8 pm, 5 hours in...Time to light up and get out of the forest :)

peace and riding!!!

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