Monday, April 4, 2011


I'm stupidly busy, but I do it to myself I guess.

Last Thursday I rode to/at/back home from swope for 4.5 hours, without eating anything all day. Bad idea...I ate about 1800 calories when I got home after I went down to the store. Still less than 2000 cals a day! Which the last 2 weeks I bet I've only had 2-3 days where I've eaten over 2000 cals that day. Its not that I'm necessarily trying to lose weight, although that is an added benefit, I'm just poor. Food prices are ridiculous, especially nutritionally-good food. I can get 2 brats and a bag of chips for $3.27 at quik trip. Unfortunately, I eat this meal WAY too often for my liking. This post isn't about food or my diet though I swear; it's about pimping other stuff!

like swope!

This weekend was the first gig I had played in probably 3 years or so. it was at prospero's in blue went well. Just me, a guitar, and harmonica. also, met a young lady with the most beautiful golden voice ever. ever. It made me melt like only Zooey Deschanel can...mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

After that it was to volker 18 & the spray booth gallery for a continuation of first friday. tallgrass ale was consumed quickly then a walk to enjoy the scenery was in order. It's getting nice out kansas city!!! /short skirts & long jackets

saturday I went to the shawnee local food expo...we showed up a tad late and all the good stuff was gone. I'm too much of a sleeper to wake up that early to get the phirest produce. and yes, that ph is an f...

saturday afternoon I got drunk all day with justin bieber and then took a nap before the bright eyes concert! it was awesome, even tho ms. jackson decided to take a little nap of her own...glad she's ok :) conner also had a little rant against kris kobach and fundamentalist christian crazies, it was sweet! here's a video to show the goodness of bright eyes:

sunday I slept in until like was awesome. The we finished flagging phase 1 of roanoke park! check it out!!!
roanoke park trails, click me.

rest of sunday, most the peeps got back from spring break...we kicked it and jammed on some electric guitars...mmmmmmmmmmmm, plugged in is a whoooole other world.

I have 2-20 page papers, 1-10 page paper, have to read a book in spanish and do all that class jazz and wahtever we get assigned as well in geostats. The next month I will not sleep or ride much, guarenteed :/

peace and riding!!!

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