Monday, April 18, 2011

bend these bones

i'm poor so couldn't do bonebender this year :'(...instead I packed some peanut butter sandwiches, some cap'n crunch and two water bottles and had my own enduro ride :)

it was hard, and I found lots of cool stuff! I was "on" the bike for about 5:45 yesterday during this ride. Included in that is tons of expolration, lots of hike a bike, and re-water breaks. Did I mention I "found" lots of cool stuff? (I should say I was keyed in a little by some wudchuk fellows, but they weren't very forthcoming about directions :)

when the trolly trail starts to turn east, there's single track all over the place! i knew about the dirt jumps back there, but not about the single track northwest and south of them...sweetness.

then jumped on holmes to bannister, found out that the indian creek trail is done past lydia now! and wouldn't you know it? as soon as the pavement ended there was single track off to the right :) sweet moto trails...I acutally talked to the guy who built them behind his house, when I popped up in his yard and he and his wife were on their deck :) good stuff, and he keyed me into some more stuff! oh yes.

basically from 103rd to red bridge there is single track/rail road riding :) then at red bridge you can get to the actual minor park trails. I rode the river trail and part of highline/bo ha ca before calling it quits there...trails were still super wet, and honestly i probably shouldn't have been riding them, but in reality I was probably helping them a bit getting some hoof prints and ruts flattened out a little bit. minor trails need some extreme sustainability work. if i were trail manager I would seriously contemplate just closing all existing trails and starting from scratch. there are some really really not good spots out there.

So i headed north towards the promised land of swope...found more moto trail near 87th street and blue river...rode that, then continued on my journey. got to swope, went to water up then did 1.5 laps on phase 3 and 1 lap of phase 1/2, watered back up and headed towards the climb up to swope memorial golf course to punish myself a bit. did that, then climbed this point i'm feeling dumb haha, get through the park, head back across the river to hadesty top pick up coal mine road towards the stadiums. do that, find more moto trail/singletrack in some other park (near where coal mine turns into winchester)...ripped that then went north some more towards riverfront/cliff drive. Didn't quite make it where I'd planned cause I realized whe I got to winner and indy ave that it was already 4:45 pm and I'd been riding since 11:30 am pretty much without a substantial break on my carbon Jamis SSs 29r geared 34-20 with 30 psi in the 2.0 barro race tires. so i decided to climb st. john's ave, then do some rollers on 9th street before hitting paseo for the extreme grinder climb going home (into a good headwind of course). ended up with roughly 60 miles...I'd say the map is fairly close, might be missing a few spurts of singletrack swing there and again, but I'd say pretty accurate.

so that's it, my own: bonebender, version shoff.0

peace and riding!

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