Saturday, March 26, 2011

not a bad trail system...

Issaqueena State Park trails in Clemson Experimental Forest.

48+ miles of singletrack, logging roads, downhill course w/300 ft total elevation drop, dual slalom course, 2 sets of dirt jumps, pump track, in progress free ride course, a big wall ride, lots o' berms, creek gap, waterfalls, etc.

I rode there yesterday, wasn't sure how far I had gone since I didn't know mileage out there...of course it's been raining here all day :/ I still put on some rain gear and rode into town to talk to the shop guys about how the trails hold up since they are mostly sand from what it seems to me. They said that you could go ride about half the trails out in Issaqueena RIGHT NOW. It's been raining since before I woke up around 8 am and just stopped here at 5 local time. They said by tomorrow everything would be good to go...sweeeeet. I also showed them everything I rode and we came up with about 28-29 miles, and I did that in 1 hour and 50 minutes. Gears are kind of fun :) My legs were on the verge of cramping the last 20 min or so though, I was in the big ring quite a bit. I think my 34-20 SS would be perfect here. I'm on a rental bike that's gotta be at least 10 lbs heaver than my Jamis Dakota D29 Team Carbon beauty. It's not too bad of a bike tho, Giant Talon 1 29r. I can really feel the weight difference, and its in a more typical mtb position instead of the more aggressive position on my bike. Kind of crappy components, but Sunshine Cycles of Greenville hooked me up with a $50 rental for Friday afternoon-Monday morning...can't beat that.

Thinking about a night ride...I do have both my lights and had to pop them out the last 20 min or so of yesterdays ride (same 20 min I was on the cramp verge). I'll probably just go on an epic day tomorrow after some drying occurs. There's a general store within range, I have my 100 oz camelback and a 3 pocket jersey...I'm thinking 8+ hours...get in a good Dirty Kanza training day....shit, that's getting close.

Taking the camera with me tomorrow...expect lots of pics. It's mixed hardwood and pine forest, with trail ranging from 2 ft to 8 ft wide, and dirt/gravel roads, lots of waterfalls too and lake views. I think I mentioned this already.........

peace and riding!!!

ps: rock chalk bitches.

pps: If you haven't seem Cam Chambers rip this video do it:

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