Saturday, June 25, 2011

one of the few times in my life...

...I wish I had a road bike. Although I did hit some nasty gravel in a few spots. 95% was pavement though, not the smoothest, but 2.2 mtb tires at 45 psi don't roll very fast.

Did this in about 2-2.5 hours with a gas station stop a little over halfway through for a $0.69 bottle of grape vess and a king sized peanut butter twix (aka saturday bunch). not bad for a SS mtb geared 34-20 with aforementioned tires and PSI. Road bike would kick ass around here though, I'm not gonna lie. Here's some more craptastic cell phone pics for you to enjoy...saw some pretty cool shit today, including 4-5 mine tailings was damn near glowing green...weird!

potosi correctional center...this is where the state of missouri used to kill people...literally.

mineral point, mo...population 384.

this road was paved...but about as smooth as gravel.

downtown potosi.

potosi prison entrance, probably can't see the 4 foot of razor wire on top of the fences.

yep, sickness.

peace and riding!!!

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  1. I am really enjoying those watercolor paintings you have been posting lately, wait, what? those are cell phone pics!?!