Monday, June 13, 2011

ozark trail

So, everything came together extremely last minute last Friday and I have been and will be in/around Potosi, Missouri for the rest of this month. Anyone who knows the area knows that Potosi is home to the Ozark Trail Association and the Berryman National Recreation Trail. I am down here doing work--sustainable re-routing and yearly trimming. 17 more days left :/

I have my bike so that's not terrible, although I've only been out on "urban" rides (as urban as Potosi gets) and one pavement/gravel ride that was interesting, to say the least. Got some crappy cell phone pics, but they'll have to wait b/c this computer's mouse has no right click function (extremely annoying). Andy Mac is coming in from the Lou this weekend too so we can rip it...haven't totally decided on Council Bluffs Lake or the Berryman Loop..I wanna do CBL, I've heard it's badass, plus it connects into the Ozark Trail-John Roth/Middlefork and Trace Creek sections. We'll see.

So like SC, I am on a bit of a "hiatus"...not really, but I probably won't post much for the rest of the month...especially since I can't get pics uploaded. No TV here, but thankfully there is a computer so I can halfway kill my brain after working 10 hours/day. Watching the Tulsa Tough live feeds was pretty sweet Friday and Saturday nights. Too bad MTB racing isn't broadcast as often as I'd like.

If you wanna tour some Ozark Trail or come mine some lead, hit me up, I'll be around.

Peace and riding!!!

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