Tuesday, July 3, 2012

eureka springs coming up..

Actually been on the bike a bit recently...

Rode up to KCI from downtown to meet my sister flying in from South Carolina.  That was an adventure.

Rode EFI at Blue River and Swope with Matt.  Awesome.

Did some McCoy's ride Colavita Lovin'.  Ya baby.

Rode up with the Pirate and MaxiThad and did a smithville humpday ride.  shenanigans were undoubtedly had.  we rode everything and then some more in the dark.  very fun.

Did a hammer fest dirty urban loop with Chuck and Micah...30+ mph on MTBs the whole way on Manchester from Winchester/Coal Mine Road to 17th Street.  Killer.  Dirty double track, isle of capri trail, and levee gravel.  Finished with a climb up Roanoke and a climb up Paseo to home.

Did a super late night ride by myself one night riding the boulevards.  Paseo, Linwood, Karnes, Roanoke, Plaza, Cleaver, Paseo.  Short but fun at 4 am.

Did this with Griffin.  

Other than being slowed up by another dude and being way behind schedule, and it being 100*, we killed it.  Thanks to Matt for hooking us up with water and a ride from BSL to Quik Trip a few miles away.  That AC and H2O was lifesaver.

Rode some sweet squishy bikes at the Specialized demo at Swope, also with Matt.  Saw pretty much everyone and their brother their.

Catted up to a 1 and finally bought my license.  Registered for Eureka Springs Fat Tire Fest.  I'm gonna get my ass kicked.  I think if I just ride my pace and survive the heat I might surprise myself once the other people blow up.  The hard tail 29er is made for that race too.  I eat leatherwood like Mike Tyson eats your children.

Riding to work has been hot.  Been hopping the bus a bit more frequently but got the new code to our shower today so full on commuting is back on.  Even riding the mile to class sucks, dripping by the time I get there.  Always fun walking into class looking like you ran through a sprinkler.

Went home last weekend, chilled, and watched some Tour of Lawrence action.  A Colavita Tradition.

So ya, good rides, good times, and great people.  Boom.

Peace and riding!!!

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