Monday, September 14, 2009


made it to swope last thursday to check out the KC cup course, it'll be ripping...killa climb up to the camp then through some jeep trail back into the woods, really really good passing areas and should ged everyone lined out at the start, hopefully (getting through the trash is the hardest part of being on a SS, of course this race should be a little different since its an XC and won't be mass start). Oh yea, the crappy part: I tore a sidewall on my rear captain armadillo. for reals. swope eats peoples' gear.

school is starting to get really busy, got the first 6 page paper due first week of October. First exams start piling up next week :/

satruday morning I made it out to Shawnee to rip it with my good amigo Mr. Sean Burns over at Shawnee Mission Park for a quick lap. I had to ride the Specialized and it was an up/down ride to say the least. I would bomb down the little runs they have getting way ahead of Sean, only to see him pass me chugging along on our climbs back up and get way ahead of me. We ripped out 1 lap of everything, purple, orange, red, and did the ride in/back from his house for probably around 8-9ish miles. Short sweet ride, but he and I both had shizzle to accomplish. BTW--Seamus is gonna be an older sibling..'s about that time to find calories and coffee before draining them out my brain, it feels like i'm forgetting something and as I'm typing I remember.

Liz was sick all weekend, boo, it sucked, really bad. for her and I, lol.

I did convince her though that we should go watch the finale of the TOUR OF MISSOURI!!! I knew I was forgetting something.

goddamn, it was cool to see something here in KC at least trying to imitate the Tour de France. hella roadies everywhere, haha, but saw quite a few MTBers down there as well, lots of bonebender and RIM shirts. some canadian took the stage win, and i have no idea who won overall, and don't really care to look it up. It really was kind of like watching the Tour though because they had a huge jumbotron at the start finish that provided on-course live coverage (kind of like VS does with the Tour de France) really really cool to watch. The KC streets look a lot different without traffic everywhere and an enormous peleton speeding around :)

peace and dirt!

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