Tuesday, September 22, 2009

not technically last...

KC Cup results here: http://www.heartlandrace.com/images/stories/kccup_09_results.htm

So looking at these official results, I did a tad better thank originally thought. Got 8th, out of 8 that finished, haha! One DNF, one DNS. and I onl;y lost by 10 min, not 14.

It kind of pisses me off looking at these. If I don't stop to blow chunks 3x I'm in the top 5 easily. Oh well, live and learn I guess.

Pictures so far are here: http://www.randybraley.com/KC_Cup/index.html (I'm picture 27/37, crossing the finish line)

and here: http://www.alexgrigsbyphotography.printroom.com/studio_homepage.asp?domain_name=alexgrigsbyphotography

and I'm sure more will pop up soon....pretty sure Ben McCall got a good one of me dropping a rock....and I know a few more people took my picture sometime out there too. Yay for them!

peace and dirt!

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