Friday, September 18, 2009

Read up!

Little week in review and a look ahead to what's on tap...

Taco Tuesday at the ole it was fun! I got to the Sand Tap around 5:45 and hooked up with Micah who had already ripped the wagon trail, and was warmed up :/ He took off ripping OxBow up to basement when about halfway through I asked him to please stop for a heart rate was out of control, as one would expect when going from sitting in a car to spinning like mad on the bike. Got the heart worked back down and then we ripped through BoHoCa through the culvert then up the northern section of River trail. At the Ridge/River crossing we took it!! Oh yea Wast Side trails!!!!! Neither Micah or I had been back there in a long while. The Ridge trail was in suprisingly really good shape as was about 75% of the double track. However 25% of the double track was trashed!! Talk about horse and rut damage!! wowzers. We tooled around the west side for a bit and got back to the trap around 7:10. Had a burger and a beer, bullshitted a little, and threw my lights on for a night spin on Serengeti and OxBow. Went south first then doubled back and up OxBow to the road and the doubled back to the Trap, ended around 8:40. riding out there at night by yourself is kind of creepy. got EXTREMELY close to some deer on OxBow, they were coming back up from drinking from the river. almost hit the damn thing on the out AND back :/

Thursday nights at Swope have become the place to be if you own a Mountain Bike!!! I counted ~24 cars in the lot when I was getting ready to ride home after my few laps out there last night. However I know for sure that some people had already left and a few more were parked at the top of the Camp. probably 50+ riders out last night! amazing!!!!

Swope is in absolute killer condition. I cleared everything on 8 pins last night without having to put a foot down for the first time ever (thank you clean lines and 34-20 gearing :) The race course is killer fun too, too bad I'm broke and way too out of shape, other wise I'd do it this weekend for the KC CUP. Instead I'll be a "spectator", AKA riding the race course when warm-up laps are allowed/before/afterwards/drinking beer and generally just having a good ole time. See you there, I'll still be on the Rasta both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday for the cross race I'll have plenty of trombone and PBR as well if you wanna stop and say hi :)

My first exams and papers are starting to be due next week, lata even more riding :( Looks like I need to get the trainer set up so I can read and spin :/ oh joy.

peace and dirt!!!

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