Wednesday, May 12, 2010

gravel circa lawrence, kansas, usa

went on a little recon mission for the lawrence legato yesterday to make sure my map was alright. surpisingly the first 3 miles of the river trail were about perfect on the cross bike and the gravel roads were butter good. checked the route around the airport and it looks good. there was another levee (mud creek) that I could have thrown in, thre's some nsty gravel up there though so I'll leave the parallel gravel road as the route.

gonna go explore the rest of the route I haven't ridden yet between the grant township and phillips road. mason is going to join me here in a few minutes and we're gonna get out before the rain hits.

so far i've ridden all but probably those 5-7 miles of the route. It's gonna be extremely tough on a SS MTB. The best bike is going to be a fully-geared hardtail MTB with a front suspension that has a good lockout function, or even a full suspension that has front and rear lockout capabilities (you'll want suspension of some spot at clinton, I guarentee it, actually not really, a fully rigid MTB could handle it but clinton white won't be fun, haha)

Hopefully I can get some pics of the route today, if I can find a camera...

peace and riding!

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