Wednesday, May 26, 2010

days flying by...

seems like i've been doing nothing but been real busy at the same time, or at least active I should say.

Did my first ever road race in auburn, ks. 39 mile loop for the cat 5. I stayed with the pack almost the whole time and got dropped on the one climb towards the end. Kevin from Trifam and myself however worked our asses off taking some pulls for about 4-5 miles and caught back up to the lead group. About ten seconds later we hit the 1 K make and the front jumped. I desperetly grabbed any wheel I could, looked upand could see the finish line so I hammered it and passed a couple guys at the end to finish in 10th. not to shabby for a first timer I would say. Colavita Parisi cleaned up the cat 5's: mike e. won it, jake got 7th, ty 9th, me 10th, john p. 18th, nathan c. 19th. Phil w. got 10th in a tough 4's and matt got 11th. spencer m. got 2nd in the 3's, while matt o. got 3rd in the 1/2/3 behind tilford and adam mills. britton and jk were also in the 1/2/3, jk said he was way out of shap and called it after one lap (they did 2) and britton lost the group abou 3/4 the way through he said. all in all a good day for the team.

have been doing a fuck ton of trail work recently. I am officially at 100 hours! Here's the breakdown (formatting's a little off because of copy/paste and laziness):

Date Trail System Hours Total Hours

11/16/08 Kill Creek 3 3
12/6/08 Stocksdale 4 7
1/3/09 Landahl Park 4 11
1/31/09 Blue River Parkway 4 15
6/20/09 Shawnee Mission Horse 4 19
6/26/09 Blue-Swope Connector 5 24
10/3/09 Blue-Swope Connector 4 28
11/7/09 Swope Park 4 32
11/8/09 Blue-Swope Connector 4 36
11/21/09 Wyandotte Lake Park 4 40
12/6/09 Swope Park 3 43
12/17/09 Swope Park 2 45
12/18/09 Swope Park 3 48
3/19/10 Swope Park (IMBA) 3 51
3/19/10 Swope Park 3 54
3/26/10 Swope Park 3 57
3/28/10 Swope Park 3 60
3/29/10 Swope Park 3 63
4/25/10 Blue River Parkway 4 67
5/1/10 Swope Park 4 71
5/15/10 Swope Park 4 75
5/18/10 Swope Park 7 82
5/19/10 Swope Park 4 86
5/21/10 Swope Park 6 92
5/22/10 Swope Park 4 96
5/25/10 Lawrence River Trails 4 100

have had some interesting discussions with the lawrence trail hawks regarding destruction of clinton lake. it's not their fault, it's just sad to see clinton is such disrepair. Read more here: and here:

swope phase 3 is damn near ready to open to the public. mucho man hours in that section. still a lot of rock work and benching to do though.

helped art king yesterday do some mowing and built the new "chicane" right before the 3 mile maker. we took a huge rutted mess and made it into super fast twisty banked turns. getting ready to go try in out in an hour :)

my lasagna's probably cooled down now after this type fest. later on.

peace and riding!

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