Friday, June 4, 2010


Let's see...gotta think about what I've done recently, I've been in kind of a green haze recently since school let out and before it hits again Monday. fuck, i'm not ready for school to start again. At least they're summer classes and I only have them for 5-8 weeks, staggared style. Schedule sucks ass though, enough of school.

I've still been doing an f-ton of work at Swope, not so much this past few days, but I need a couple days off to have fun after 5 straight days of working there 4+ hours a day. Memorial day weekend basically revolved around my time at Swope. I would work there into the early afternoon, go get food, go home, shower, pass out, repeat. But we're to the cross walk and should have it opened up this saturday at national trails day! fuck yes, finally.

did critical mass. lots of teammates/friends showed up and it was a trash fest. lots of pbr tall boys and even seagrams 7 made an appearance. good times.

rode landahl with mason on tuesday. we rock crawled for a long time out there. rode for 3 hours and did rim, family, doubletrack back for water, wills, dave's up, dave's down, scout camp trail, doubletrack to tasty, tasty loop, doubletrack up to rim, rim up to argo. we finished off the day with a night lap at the lawrence river trail. got 5 miles out and my light crapped out, so we jumped on the levee and pacelined back to the car with only the scantest sunlight still available.

rode cactus ridge at clinton the other day. runners even destroyed stuff that far out too. sad.

yesterday I rode gravel out to Lecompton to meet mason for a kayak trip. we dropped in under the bridge there and paddled to riverfront park just north of I-70 in lawrence. damn fun time. I highly recommend up a creek canoe and kayak rental. check them out, cheap!! and great gear to use. uncle ron was a trip too. yesterday's paddle reconfirmed my love and I think my summer trip will now be a whitewater trip instead of a bike trip. we have great trails in KC, but we don't have rapids. now gotta decide where to go...

peace and riding!!

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