Monday, October 24, 2011

berryman epic weekend

not much to report from my race. I continue to suck because of lower back pain. This week that changes. I'm sick of not finishing races.

Went out super hot and came into Brazil Creek at about 59 minutes, 6 minutes up on my time last year. Then basically spent the next 10 miles with lower back spasms every time I tried to put some power out on climbs. Having worked there all summer I knew exactly what section 3 had coming up so I pulled the plug and got a beer from Jim D (Team Trail Monster) and played pit crew the rest of the day for Micah, Clay, and Burnsy.

KC brought the heat with all the usual suspects there: Jesse G Funk, GWiz, TDonn, Sarah W, Justin B, Drew, JonDot, Andrew W. Gabriel, Dr. Dover, Lyle and Cathy, Roger Dodger, Dan Doss, Dave Smith, etc. including Pappy Doug Long:

Plenty of STL Jerks were there too: including Nico and Stevie F. nico won the epic mustache contest and an SE bike on the weekend. steve won best wheelie while racing.

This dude won it finally...5x world champ...also pulled the most baller driving move ever at a stoplight in badass:

Afterwards much beer, BBQ, booze, and candies were consumed for recovery and relaxation by all. It was good.

Thanks to these two boys for going with and congrats on your finishes!

boss cross, 4x, then not racing again until jingle cross probably. gotta get that back better and stronger.

peace and riding!

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