Sunday, October 9, 2011

berryman training

Today was the berryman training ride. Micah and Clay rode the whole time with me (plus some while I had to get the back stretched out very badly at swope). Britton also showed up and fucking hammered our asses hard on the road going there and on hills/the not too technical stuff before he disappeared as quick as he had appeared earlier.

I met Micah at the Plaza at 8:55 and Britton showed up right on the dot at 9:00 as we were getting ready to leave actually. He was on a mission on the Trolly Track Trail and Blue River Road getting to Minor Park. We still left at 9:00 and hammered hard to 59th street to meet Clay. Waited for a few minute and he came rolling down the hill finally. Britton then proceeded to put the hammer down. We made it to north Minor Park by 9:35. Micah said we were doing 20+ the whole time. Flying, especially when we hit the pretty much desolate Blue River Road.

Dropped in the very northern part of the river trail and rode that to the Martha Truman culvert and climb where I ran into Cotter. Britton went flying past and continued his hammer fest for a while by himself I guess. Somewhere along the way Micah had taken a wrong turn and Clay had gotten dropped on the Trolly Trail from the stupid pace. I went back to the culvert after talking with both of them and met them there. BK also rolled up at the same time so the group was back together for the first time in awhile. We climbed up to the east side did the first part of BoHaCa then Highline, BoHaCa back, then Basement to Ox Box to the Southern end Wagon-->Serengeti loop. Decided to hit some old school west side, and ended up dropping in behind the Sand Trap (super sneaky) and riding the old railroad bed until the west side sign board, then went down, crossed the river, then rode the river trail back north and out of the park where we took a dirty detour before hitting Blue River Road for the ride north to Swope.

Got to Swope and we had to climb the west side road hill to get some water at the top. That pretty much blew me up hard. Ended up riding about 3 miles of Swope before pulling out of that cause my back was done for. Stretched while Clay and Micah finished their lap then we took off headed back to the Trolly Trail Rode that back to 59th where we parted ways. Clay west, Micah north, and me east up the last hill.

Got home, showered, ate some great food, took a nap and and feeling ok. Back is more sore than my legs for sure. Lots of stretching. Great ride overall. Fun to hit Minor and Swope in the same day, hadn't done that in awhile.

peace and riding!

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  1. I hope i can do this race next year. I'm currently dreaming of lots of mtn bike racing... on a new mountain bike. Yoga is good for the back. Stay cool.