Saturday, October 1, 2011

boss cx 1

leaked air in my tire for the last 75% of the race. Pretty much killed any chance I had at getting top 50% (which I was comfortably in before I had to sit up and get to the pit before I rolled my tire off the rim). Gonna try the hutch's tomorrow. I'm getting tubeless stuff set-up this week, I'm sick of having flats damn near every cross race. With the varied terrain of every different venue it is impossible to dial in a good PSI with tubes Today was especially hard with dirt, gravel, grass, sand, roots, rocks, you name it we had it today.

great course boss cx boys, keep it up. Raytown BMX course should be kickass on October 30!!! Yep, you read right. Don't wanna miss that one.

I still started hot as hell settling in behind Britton and Kent early then let DanO and Lyles around me after a bit (all 4 of these dudes are on my team). After that I blocked/slowed a few guys down for a couple laps I felt the rear getting super squishy in the corners, got off and sure enough it was definitely a lot lower than I had started with. Got Jon Peck to run a pump to the pit for me, I aired up , got lapped and finished out. At least I can say that. That's about it.

On a good note, I did rip Swope something fierce on Thursday. MTB is still where I'm most comfortable. CX will be better. Just gotta keep working on that short intensity thing. DanO had a good comparison today about CX pace to 6/12 hour MTB pace: "CX pace requires the energy of a 5th grader getting ready to run a race on the playground." Hopefully this shit will pay off at Berryman. Then it's full on CX through MO states.

Tomorrow is another 40 min SS Boss CX race then I'm back on the MTB for a bit on the next two weekends for LONG stuff. Berryman is soon and I want to get in the top-5 under-30. Probably more like top-10 because of the talent that's coming this year to try and take out Schott. Tuesday Universes at Hyde Park this week, then every day between that and the next Tuesday I will be riding MTB as much as possible. I miss trails because I've been CX-ing it up a lot, not smart this time of year when the weather's perfect.

peace and riding!!!

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  1. Trails have been awesome! Too bad your missing the XC action. Knob was sweet last week and Lelans race should be fun tommorow. Come ride Pirate with us this week.... It does the soul good.