Monday, May 16, 2011


So awhile ago I said I was going to showcase some friends once a week...this is the second time, ok whatever...

This is Levon

This is Adam

They're great guys. Unfortunately they're growing up (shed a little tear) and won't be living in midtown any longer. Where am I going to go to bum pabst and watch cycling replays or always sunny? Or call at the last minute for urban mtb rides? These cats are about as cool as they come, miles davis/john coltrane cool.

I'm sure you've seen them around town. Levon ran Street Cred this past winter with some help from Adam, and rides around midtown all the time. Adam is racing about every weekend, mostly getting smoked by his lady Racer X, and writes the fantastic something classic in kc blog. I'm sure you've read it, it's kind of a big deal.

If you see these jerks, say hi, they'll probably give you a beer if they have one, and that's never bad.

peace and riding!!!


  1. I feel famous! I'll still be around midtown plenty, once I start to commute you can find me killing time at the shop drinking pbr's before monday shenanigans. And, its only an extra 15 min ride to the new place.