Wednesday, May 4, 2011

swope loop

for those that don't know how to ride a good long loop at swope without doubling back on yourself constantly.

Start from the trail head...go up the short ways to the first intersection and go right (counter-clockwise, wudchuk run, orange flag markers), do the awesome switchbacks for a killer warm-up then rip some gnar until getting to 8-pins where you'll enter into Rancho D-lux (blue flag markers)...ride rancho around until the next intersection (you'll be getting close to the road again, its the "connector" across the road to the other loops). Cross the road, hit the wall drop :) then climb up and do the "behind the pool connection" (orange and pink flag markers)..once completing this part you'll come to a 4 way intersection, take a right onto the short track loop (this is not on the official trail map, but is marked in red above). This is an old double track hiking trail, you'll cross the road onto the newest part of rancho d-lux (also part of the short track loop, blue flags)..ride taht around until you cross the road again, then at the intersection, go downhill and rip it down and around on the old quarry road (phase 3 of swope)'ll have one last intersection where you can choose to stay high and techy (orange line) or stay low and fast (yellow line) thgough that, go back across the road and continue going down (right) until you end back up at the trail head...that's about a 7 mile loop.

Then turn around and do it the opposite way, it's good for ya. I then recommend, wash, rinse, and repeat as necessary until you've have your mileage and pain fix :)

peace and riding!!!

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