Thursday, May 12, 2011

sunday sunday sunday...(trail/gravel in lawrence anyone?)

My boy John Williams is having a gravel party down in middle Kansas this weekend...check it out:

and by little I mean 131 miles of the flint hills. After my little episode last Saturday I am going to miss his. Instead I plan on doing some gravel and river trail around Lawrence this Sunday if anyone would like to join me. Shooting for around 75 miles probably with some good climbing. I'd usually pimp this a little harder but I don't want to take anything away from JW's ride cause I know his will be amazing, and I wish I was capable of joining, but I'd better hold off going too hard for another week or two. So call me, e-mail me, or respond here with a good time for you and we'll get it going. 10-11 am ish? noon-ish? these are good times for me hahhah, I'm such a lazy ass.

peace and riding!!!

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