Thursday, May 19, 2011

working it...

Tuesday was a garden reconstruction on the Westside after doing some work out in Lawrence all last weekend. It was awesome.

Also swung by the UMKC garden to check on the 800ish plants we have there. yum. lettuce is ready...$0.25 a head, organic and local. let me know if you want some, seriously, we have a ton.

Yesterday I went to swope to do some work. Got out the Phase 4 and about shit myself cause a fricking ton had been done...apparently the Trail Hermits are in the middle of another "30 days of pain"...Phase 4 will be open by June 4th, National Trails Day, unless it rains every day. So I started to clear some corridor for the last part of that section, and got into something nasty that had my allergies going fucking crazy. 2 hours of that was enough and I went out to the hydrant, stripped to my skivvies and half bathed myself in the ice cold water to try and get whatever was on me off of me. My eyes were hella bloodshot and itchy, stuffy nose, little rash popping on my legs, not good. I had been having allergy symptoms before, but being out in the middle of the woods cutting trees and removing crap plants got to me a little too hard. Decided I still needed to ride (of course, haha) rode phase 4 out and back once, then looped the short track, did phase 3 west-->east then looped phase 1/2 counterclockwise with another phase 4 out and back...finished with the dining hall/pool connection and decided to call it cause I was tired, itchy and still couldn't breathe.

Phase 4 is going to make swope a whole new world. Less than 3 weeks and you'll be able to loop the whole hill. Phase 4 also has a few hella grinder climbs. not like the short steep ones or crazy switchbacks like the rest of swope, long grinding false flat single track climbs, where you don't even realize you're climbing until you ride it the other direction and you are FLYING. Like scary fast going down a couple spots. One you're gonna have to either air it big (either way :) or mash brakes hard and roll easy over the hump...not gonna have a choice. Rancho is going to be the flow master once this is open...I can't wait!

Trying to work some more on the Roanoke Trails Master's gonna be good! Ground breaking is moving back a bit, but I need to make sure everything is covered and covered well before we start moving dirt.

Peace and riding!!!

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