Tuesday, August 11, 2009


welp, I finally made the call that's gonna keep me broke until at least spring :) My 29r wheels can't stand the beating I lay on them, so I finally am getting the bomb proof wheelset from Mr. Sean Burns: Captain Control 2bliss tires mounted to Stan's arches rims laced to chub hubs with DT Swiss spokes and nipples, built by Dale at bike source :D They should be absolutely bombproof, and if not, I will seriously consider going back to 26 inch wheels with really wide freeride/downhill rims (like the rhyno lites on my full sus). I am too damn poor to keep breaking/replacing stuff all the damn time. Everything I have read/heard about these wheels though make it seem like they should be able to hold up a 300 lb man without ever needing truing...hope thats true!

it also seems like I haven't been riding that much the past week/two, even though I do have over 125 miles this month already. however, after the hell of the last two weeks in July, it still seems like not as much. I've been really tired, likely from all the binge drinking I've been doing :/ there's a time and a place for everything, it's called college and I guess I'm living that up :) I have a feeling I'll easily hit 400 miles this month without really trying; between RIM, Cruise the Blues and all the training that needs to be done, it should be a cake walk.

the only thing keeping me awake right now is the stupid freshmen questions coming at me every few minutes here at JCCC...I do love the scenery here though :D

steele's gonna come up tomorrow and help me go break in the new wheelset, probably landahl :)

peace and dirt!

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