Thursday, August 13, 2009

landahl :D

went out to landahl yesterday with Steele. We had an epic day to say the least.

#1) new build on the rasta 29r is fucking awesome!!!! new wheelset, king headset and xt cranks got that bitch lighter than my SS roadie, no lie. I felt like I was flying yesterday.

#2) I cleared sections out there I had NEVER cleared before, geared at 34-18. Bike handling skills are amazing on that light ass bike now :)

#3) our ride: drop in on tasty, all the way to the lollipop, watched steel hit a couple drops, finished the lollipop loop, dropped down to the scout camp, went back north on the unnamed trail (before you go all the way through camp) that takes you up to rim job then right to the 5 way meet up area...lower family trail, up the double track climb to the real family trail, both tech off shoots, back on family across to daves, down daves to wills, swedish erotica then wills back to tasty and up the hill to grab some food/more water. chilled for about 30 min to refuel, dropped back in on tasty down to rim job, rim all the way out 5-way, upper family all the way around to the double track before dave's drop-in and then back to car cause we both decided we were getting a little sloppy for the techy stuff out there.

#4) was ripping on the way home right behind 2 cops. thank god they ended up being prisoner transport! that got the heart rate going a little bit again with it sitting in my lap :/

#5) thursday night swope ride, be there!

peace and dirt!!!!!

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