Monday, August 10, 2009

i get around #2

got out to clinton lake last night on the full suspension......omg, awesomeness. white trail, blue trail, red trail, skills park, road back in the dark as a storm was rolling in. damn good times with my boy steele.

found out too he's finally gonna make the move out to denver for sure in a few months. we've kicked it since high school, not to mention, ummm yea, good times for sure. i know he'll dig it for sure though, being able to use his bottlerocket everyday and the new fuel he just got, plus they have a real freeride/downhill scene there. and I got a place to go ride in CO now :)

but anyway, we started out on white, switched over to blue at the first road crossing, hit the red/shoreline trail, back on blue for a couple miles, switched back over to white until the beach, then blue to the skills park. made 20ish runs through the features then headed on the road back because it was dark and lightning was all around. it was fun riding with steele even though he drops my ass big time on that fuel of his. just had to work a little harder/go a little faster than normal, but maybe that was just the full sus. Quite sure that both shocks are in need of a rebuild/tuning/whatever you do to make them better again. I forgot how much climbing sucked ass on a double boinger. man going down is fun though, as was the skills park :)

peace and dirt!

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