Monday, August 3, 2009

no motivation

since last thursday's ride to lawrence I have had absolutely no motivation do ride/work out/do much of anything other than sleep. I did end up getting 15 miles in on Friday, still 13 short of the 500 goal, but I just couldn't muster any legs or desire. ended up sleeping all Friday afternoon, went out Friday night and stayed up until 7 am. so saturday was a complete wash for riding as well, because I slept until 2 pm and was hungover like I hadn't been in a long while. I guess 180 shots and other free booze between you, a girl and another couple will do that do a man. It ended up being well worth it though, if you know what I mean ;)

so I slept more saturday, woke up for like 2 hours saturday night, checked my bank account, cried myself back to sleep, then woke up at 2 am. Roomie was just ending her shift at angels around 3 when i was looking for a midnight snack, so we went down to YJ's and she bought me some breakfast :)

got home, drank some svedka and slept some more. woke up around 10 sunday and went for a little spin to clear my head/body before a shower. Tried to go to the library only to find out it was only open from 1-6 on sundays so I went back home for a little bit, grabbed some food, then hit the library at 1. used some interwebs and got a landscape architecture graphics book and another history of city design book, good times. went home, changes out, hopped the full suspension to go give it its first run at swope. man, I will say, it was nice having gears again for the road ride to swope, and having a big ring to bomb down the hill, not to mention the suspension for the backside gnar. oh how I've missed my double boinger baby :D got in 2.5 laps at swope, and hitched a ride home with ben mccall back to midtown. he lives 2 blocks from me, literally, so we'll probably be riding together quite a bit.

woke up this morning and couldn't believe I had to spin 20 miles to JCCC. no motivation still. but I hopped on, put the iPod in and up loud and hammered. made it to JCCC in less than an hour :)

now I'm feeling like a nap, but my legs and body finally feel like the liquor is almost gone

peace and dirt!

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