Friday, December 3, 2010

the year that was.

It's getting sucks.

But at least Gravel Grinder Season is here!!!

And street cred is coming too!!!

man it was cold that day...3* roanoke time trial.

Which has me thinking and reflecting on the past year. I looked through my race list the other day and did some results stuff. This year was pretty good bike racing wise, good base, good peak, now back to base.

January and February were filled with Streed Cred, GOTHRs and Gravel Grinders.

March brought some roadie action since I had a new bike, that i now no longer have, and because of the rain.

April brought MTB season and drier trails.

May, June and July were just good riding months, lots of long rides, some Arkansas business, etc.

August brought peak time: 3rd at RIM, 1st at Cruise the Blues and MTB-KC short track series was hot and hard.

September continued peakness with 5th at KC Cup CX, 2nd at KC Cup MTB 3 hour, and 5th at Manions.

October brought being hooked to cross because of the new pake.

November brought lots of school.

And december starts it all over again :)

peace and riding!!!

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  1. keep up the good work, sir.

    I'm gonna school you when Street Cred rolls around!!!